The (probably) earliest charts in Hungary and their possible Dutch inspiration

Detail of Ferenc Weiss’ meteorological chart from 1766 showing barometric observations with dots on a daily base

Revisiting the life and work of Lajos Illyefalvi (1881–1944), the great data chronicler of Budapest

Sajnos csak pár, ma már alig beszerezhető, kis igényű könyv és néhány szakcikk jelent meg magyarul a témában.

The match graph, the target table, and the directional target table by Nemzeti Sport (1922–1942)

Beginnings in threefold

  1. The regulation and engineering works of the rivers Danube and Tisza from the 1830s
  2. The foundation of the Central Statistical Office and the first independent Census in 1870
  3. The millennial celebrations of the thousand-year-old Hungary in 1896

Cartoons showing charts in the service of communist propaganda in Hungary in the 1950s

Attila Bátorfy

Master instructor and Phd-student of journalism and information graphics at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Head of ATLO.Team Portfolio:

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