2021 — ATLO’s year in review

We did it again.


2 288 000 unique users
3 600 000 page impressions
350+ references to our work
5 workshops
3 conferences



Hungarian Money
client: Átlátszó Erdély/IJ4EU

The First Year of the Pandemic in Hungary

Mosquito Monitor
client: Ecological Research Center/Eötvös Loránd Research Network

Hungarians in the Olympics — 125 years of successes

Preliminary Elections in Hungary 1. and 2. round

Mapping the Alternative Budapest
client: Budapest Brand / City of Budapest

Weather and Climate Maps of Hungary

Koronamonitor — redesign

30 Minutes

Elevation contour relief map of Hungary

Ethnic Map of Croats in Hungary
client: Croat Autonomous Council of Hungary


Prints (forthcoming)



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Attila Bátorfy

Attila Bátorfy

Master instructor and Phd-student of journalism and information graphics at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Head of ATLO.Team Portfolio: batorfyattila.com