2022 — Atlo’s year in review

here you can find our review for 2021


775 500 unique users
957 000 page impressions
250+ references to our work
4 workshops
4 conferences
1 Information is Beautiful Awards long jury membership
1 Sigma Awards shortlist
1 Information is Beautiful Awards longlist
2 DH Awards shortlist


1. Streets, spaces and names of Budapest / Budapest City Archives

2. Lutheran Network / MTA Trianon 100

3. NER Metaverse — The Pro-Government Facebook Network / Német Szilvi, Katona Eszter, Katona Eszter

4. Parliamentary Election and Referendum ‘22

5. Weather of Hungary in 2021

6. Diseases / Ecological Research Center

7. Living History / Tomory Lajos Museum

8. History of the Formula-1

9. It will be hot and dry — climate of Hungary in 2070

10. Teachers’ Protest Map

11. What are the chances of a nuclear disaster?

12. Qatar 2022

New features on our website!

Publications section!

Orbis pictus — a gallery of all the small static graphics on Átlátszó.hu

Some experiments

What’s coming next year?

Contributors: Attila Bátorfy, Krisztián Szabó, Gergő Szász, Luca Pete, Szilvi Német, Eszter Katona, Misi Minkó, Gábor Koloh, Balázs Ablonczy, Tamás Pápai, Bálint Ternovácz, Péter Trembeczki, András Hont, and many more



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Attila Bátorfy

Master instructor and Phd-student of journalism and information graphics at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Head of ATLO.Team Portfolio: batorfyattila.com